August 12, 2011

making a house plan

On the second day of our renovation, Michael wanted to draw out a plan of our house. It's a good thing to do when starting something like this. When it comes time to order flooring, for example, we can reference our house plan to figure out square footage, which tells us how much to order.

He started by taking accurate measurements of every room. Then he measured all the doors and windows. He took what he called "wall width" into consideration, which I'm assuming it the width of the studs? Right?

Anyway, it's a good thing I have him because I was so lost while he was figuring out the measurements. Plus I liked watching him do it...

Here is Michael modeling our new window unit air conditioner! I bought this when I lived in New Jersey, and my dear roommate just returned it to us recently. Our house doesn't have central AC yet, we're planning to install it before next summer.

Also, sorry about my serious white balance issue in these photos. The redness comes from our monstrous construction light.

Also, I just noticed my face in the window. I didn't know it was me at first and I was really creeped out.

Also, yes the previous owners really painted their kitchen that red/pink/mauve color.

It's been HOT here in Delaware the last few days, so we have been thankful for our little window unit that pumps out 65 degree air into our kitchen while we work. There are no words for how happy this makes me.

When Michael finished all his measurements and a rough sketch of our house layout, he went home that night and drew it in CAD.

So this is the finished result: our house. In lines.

I love the layout. For a girl who used to go to the laundromat in New Jersey, it will be so nice having a laundry/mud room in the back.

I love our eat-in kitchen. I had the idea to build (well, for Michael to build) an L-shaped bench in that back left corner of the dining area. It will be cool booth-style seating for our dining room table. We're also considering removing that wall between the kitchen and living room.

We are looking forward to tackling more of our to-do list this weekend!


  1. Ahh! So exciting! This is the kind of stuff that freaks me out. I am so bad at making house decisions. But I am always so impressed with people who can. Can't wait to see more of what you all do!

  2. oooh this is so exciting to see! MY Bf and I are currently rennovating our new apartment and it is so much fun!!

  3. I'm SO jealous you have a house to remodel...and a soon-to-be husband who knows how to build stuff! I want a house!!!

  4. I'm SO jealous you have a house to remodel...and a soon-to-be husband who knows how to build stuff! I want a house!!!

  5. Ah I love this so much (the daily updates and just knowing your every move)! And the face in the window freaking you out?! Dying. Love your guts.

  6. Ahh everything seems to be coming along so well! I love the idea of the L-shaped bench!

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