August 11, 2011

home renovation - week 1

Michael and I started our massive home renovation project this past Monday night. As in 4 days ago. As in I'm exhausted and it's only the first week.

The plan for the first day was to make a list of things we needed and go to Lowe's. We bought buckets, mops, cleaning supplies, respirator masks, gloves, plastic sheeting, a broom, paper towels, construction lights... the list goes on. We dropped about $300 on that one trip!

After that, we headed back to the house to start cleaning.

The plan for the first week:

-Clean the bathroom thoroughly
-Install new shower head/faucet

-Remove old outlet covers, junction box covers and phone jacks from wall
-Remove trim that needs to be replaced
-Wash down the walls in the kitchen to prepare for paint
-Remove old cabinet in the back of kitchen, where our dining room table will go
-Clean the built-in hutch to prepare for paint
-Remove backsplash
-Remove bottom cabinets and countertops
-Remove the old hood

Master Bedroom:
-Tear up carpet
-Remove tack strip and staples
-Clean hardwood floors
-Remove trim and closet door

We also tested all the walls for lead paint - to discover there is none! That is good news for our lungs.

Curiosity got the best of us with the horrible wood paneling. We just needed to know what was behind it. This begins a series of photos were Michael removes a pesky lightswitch cover with the claw of a hammer:

So what did we discover behind the wood paneling? Drywall with a few layers of paint! That is good news, trust me. We could have found plaster, moldy sheetrock, more paneling... but it seems like the removal of the wood paneling will be somewhat manageable. That is one project I am excited about finishing.

So far so good. We haven't hit any major bumps in the road. We have been working on the house almost every night this week until about 11, then getting up for work the next day. We are tired and sore, but excited to keep moving forward towards making this house our home.


  1. so exciting!! let's see a pic of the exterior!

  2. i feel your pain. i'm moving into my parents rental and they're doing some pretty serious renovation also. they are nice enough to let me pick paint colors, flooring and countertops. i'm chomping at the bit to get in and get some painting done, i just haven't had a lot of time yet.

  3. I know the two of you must be exhausted as I'm tired just reading what you've accomplished in a few short days. Keep your hearts and minds on the finished project and that will see you through to the end. I have great faith in both of you that it will turn out beautiful :)

  4. you are only 23 years old?!!! oh my goodness, you so young! love the home renovation. wish i had one too renovate!

  5. WooHoo!!! Daddy and I are so excited for you and more step in the start of your awesome life together...the house will be so cute and wonderful when your done your renovations...enjoy the process honey...some days will be hard and some fun..but your in it together and that is all that matters. I love you both!!!

  6. Great job!! I really appreciate your work because you did this work own.Your project inspire me to do remodeling of my home also.Thanks for sharing.

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