August 30, 2011

kitchen progress - week 3

Michael and I ended up taking all of last week off from working on our house, to be with my sister and her precious baby boy. Actually, I sort of forgot we even owned a house. I was in Ashley's hospital room for about 17 hours... I forget to eat, sleep, go to work and everything outside of that hospital.

But now mama and baby are home, safe and sound. Which means it's back to work for Michael and I.

This week we are focusing on more paint prep: spackling, sanding and cleaning.

All the doors are off the top cabinets. We are painting them white and buying new white base cabinets. I can't wait for that!

Someday I will have a refrigerator in that space. And the walls will not be pink. There will also be a backsplash.

Here are some shots of our kitchen, "before" and "progress" so you can see what we've done these last 3 weeks.

This is the front of our kitchen. It's a U-shape, which I love. The stove/hood/dishwasher will be on the right side, and the refrigerator on the left.

In the above shot, we've done the following:

-Ripped out the base cabinets, countertop, sink, outlet covers, light switch covers, trim and light fixtures
-Took off the doors to the top cabinets, then cleaned and sanded them
-Removed the flooring
-Washed down the walls and ceiling
-Sanded the walls and ceiling (not fun)

This is the back of our kitchen, and the entrance to the mudroom/laundry room. We took out that cabinet to make room for a dining table and chairs.

In this shot, we've done the following:

-Take out the old cabinet (what was it even for?)
-Removed the trim, shelf, old alarm system, phone jack and flooring
-Washed down the walls and ceiling
-Sanded the walls, ceiling and hutch

Here are larger shots to help you see the difference:

So there is our current progress!

It's been a lot of work so far, but I know it's going to be so worth it in the end. It already feels and smells better in there. The dirt and grim is removed, and the wood has been sanded down to a new surface.

This week we are focusing on finishing up sanding, wiping down the surfaces... and finally priming and painting!

Have I mentioned I can't wait to get rid of the pink paint?

I can't wait to get rid of the pink paint.