August 18, 2011

home renovation - week 2

Week 1 = Kitchen Demo
During the first week, we focused  on demolition. We tore out the cabinets, backsplash, hood, sink, flooring, countertop, lights, outlet covers, light-switch covers and trim. Then we hauled it to the dump.

Week 2 = Cleaning, Patching, Sanding
This week, we're still focusing on getting the kitchen done. We've been cleaning until our hands were numb. The cabinets, walls, ceiling and hutch all needed to be de-greased and sanitized.

We've had the most amazing friends and family help us. Here is my cousin, Devon, and Michael's cousin, Matt, wiping down the cabinet doors.

After they finished, Devon whipped out the orbital sander and sanded those doors like a pro. We've got some really random talents in our family.

Michael has been the spackle/drywall king this week. And yes, there really are that many holes and dents in the drywall.

Have I told you before that I can't wait to get rid of the pink walls?

I can't wait to get rid of the pink walls.

I will probably tell you again tomorrow.

Our friend Justin is making a re-appearance. He will win the award at the end of this project for most helpful and eager friend. You are a rockstar, homeslice.

Most of us have lost our fingerprints this week from sanding. So. Much. Sanding.

All the surfaces need to be sanded so the paint will stick better. We could have just painted over everything in the beginning, but it wouldn't look as nice and it wouldn't last.

Clean - Patch - Sand - Clean again - Prime - Paint

Hopefully by this weekend we will be priming and painting! Hallelujah!