August 16, 2011

i would like to thank purple power

The previous owners of our house were smokers. They also apparently never cleaned their house.

Sorry, I shouldn't say that. Maybe they were unable to clean, didn't know how to clean, or didn't realize it was so dirty...

But really, most of what needs to be done in the house is CLEANING. Especially in the kitchen, where there is this thick layer of grease basically everywhere.

To save some money on our kitchen remodel, we decided to save the top cabinets and just replace the bottom ones. We removed the bottom cabinets last weekend.

Our dear friend, Justin, helped me take all the doors off the top cabinets. Then I spent TWO HOURS cleaning them. There was so much black grease, we had to buy an industrial strength de-greaser called Purple Power.

I would like to take this time to thank Purple Power for it's cleaning abilities. You are extremely toxic, laden with chemicals, and dangerous for my skin. But you are even more dangerous for stubborn grease on dirty kitchen cabinets. Thank you for allowing me to spray you on, let you sit and then easily wipe you off. I would pay $100 for a bottle of you. I would marry you and have purple babies with you.

Michael's job that night was cleaning the kitchen ceiling. Can you see the before and after in this photo? That brown gunk is smoke residue, from the previous owners smoking in the house.

Also, check out the drywall paper with remnants of block grout. That's where the lovely (not) wall of faux brick used to reside.

You would think residue this thick would come from 20 years of smoking. But we found out this pink color was painted on in 2006... which means this is what happened to the ceiling in 5 short years.

Michael would spray Purple Power on the ceiling, take one swipe and the white rag would be totally black. If I was a smoker, I would quit after experiencing this. If it was this bad on our ceiling, I can't imagine what's going on in their lungs.

Thanks to our love affair with Purple Power, our kitchen is de-greased and smoke residue free! Here are our next steps in the kitchen:

-Sand the walls
-Patch the drywall with mud
-Sand over the patches once mud is dry
-Sand the kitchen cabinets
-Sand the hutch
-Inevitably sand off my finger prints
-Clean all the walls, cabinets and hutch from sanding dust
-Prime with Kilz (which blocks stains and odor)

I can't wait to see a fresh coat of bright white primer in our kitchen. The walls, cabinets and hutch will all be sparkling white!

Now please go out and by some Purple Power. We found it in the auto section of Walmart, and the cleaning aisle of Lowe's. This is not a paid advertisement (I wish it was). We just legit love the stuff.


  1. If you found it in the AUTO section you know it is intense!!!

  2. Wow, that was some serious disgustingness on your walls/ceiling/cabinets. I can't believe that's what cigarette smoke does, but it sure makes me happy i've never even tried smoking one! Great job with the cleaning...can't wait to see the sparkly new kitchen :)

  3. I remember looking at houses a few years ago with my husband and I was always amazed at the damage smoking could do to a house. One house I remember in particular you could see the outline on the walls where pictures had hung. So icky. That's pretty amazing cleaning stuff to get all that gunk off. I love seeing the progress you guys are making.

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