January 4, 2011

getting cozy under the christmas tree

Michael and I had a wonderful time exchanging gifts this Christmas. I had a blast finding/buying him things that I knew he would love.

I added this picture because of his forearm veins. You understand.

I got him a new watch! He has this obsession with metal links pulling his arm hair, so we had to find a watch without metal links that wasn't a leather band. Skagen makes a metal mesh band that is super light weight. Perfect. And it looks so good on him.... it's a gift for me too.

I also got him a new battery grip for his camera. This was my first ebay purchase ever. And a total disaster.

I guess I hadn't used my PayPal account since I lived in New Jersey. I bought him the battery grip and it was shipped to my old apartment. Major fail. And it wasn't cheap either!! After many calls to my landlord and the post office, I reazlied he wouldn't have it by Christmas...

So I ordered another one! And paid for super fast shipping. And it was here for him to open and enjoy.

I'm hoping the first one I bought will eventually find it's way to me. That would be really awesome. If not, I take it as a lesson learned.

He put it on his camera right away. I was so glad to see him using it.

I also bought him a sweater that I wanted to see him in. Totally guilty of buying things just because I want him to wear it.

And he bought me a Kindle!!! Wooooop! I am enjoying it so much.

I couldn't wait to travel with it, put it in my purse, take it with me everywhere... So I just recently got myself a cover and booklight. I am such a nerd.

This is the last present I opened from him. He told me he made it. The tears were already starting by the time I actually got to it.

He made me a jewelry tree! I can hang my necklaces and bracelets from the branches and put rings in the bottom. Isn't it lovely? I just adore it.

He designed the tree himself and had it cut out of a sheet of stainless steel on the laser machine at work.

Do you guys know that Michael is a project manager for a metal fabrication company? That would help understand why he could make me this at work. I probably should have told you that before. Moving on.

He spent hours on this project and brought on a bunch of other guys at Miller Metal to help it all come together in time for Christmas. It's made of stainless steel, so Michael says it will never rust. I will have it sitting on my night stand for the rest of our lives.

Someday there will be an engagement ring sitting there in the bottom...

I can't wait until I get to write that blog post.


  1. Can I have a Jewelry tree too please? Or at least a Michael?

  2. The jewelry tree is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful man you have in your life that made you a gift --- those are the best gifts!

    Glad you are also enjoying your Kindle (I love mine and have become addicted to scrabble on the Kindle) . . . there are some great blogs for books!

  3. I always maintain that I love homemade gifts but this takes it to a whole new level! That necklace tree is gorgeous!

  4. How cool is that jewelry tree!!!!

    m ^..^