October 15, 2010

the breadwinner

I love watching my man at work. It has happened more often lately since his promotion and his new 55-hour work weeks... not my favorite. But I am proud of him for working so hard. One random day this week, I stopped by Miller Metal after I got off from my job. I found him in his office lost in paperwork.

He's so cute. Oh yes, this post is totally devoted to pictures of Michael at work. It could be a lot worse.

I like how much of a techie he is, like - what is on his screen right there?

I love his hands. I always said I wanted to marry a guy with manly hands. I think it's because my dad has really rough, calloused hands. He used to work in construction and one time he drilled through his hand and didn't even go to the hospital. I guess he was like, oh whatever! Throw some band aids on it! Tough.

Michael has those kind of hands - I'm talking blue collar, working class hands. Who doesn't like those? It's hands that make you feel safe and secure. Not only can he fix a leaky faucet or change your oil, he can also defend you from monsters in the night.

And he's still a bit of a nerd. Win/win.


  1. I understand...I love Daddy's hands they are a constant reminder of what an awesome provider he is and how wonderfully he takes care of me.

  2. I agree with you when you say Michael is a hard worker,has hands that can fix everything, (like even my computer). You say he's cute, I say handsome. I think he's just plain GREAT :)

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