October 15, 2010

green tea pound cake

I saw a recipe for Lemon and Green Tea Marble Pound Cake on one of my favorite food blogs, Joy the Baker. I decided I needed to make it. I love the green swirl running through it ... it's so unorthodox and awesome.

I used to buy Green Tea Matcha at Whole Foods in the city. There are no Whole Foods in Delaware. None. Isn't that upsetting? I also have to drive 25 minutes to get to the closest Starbucks. When I lived in the city, there were 2 on my block. Ugh! Oh well, moving on...

I found some on my most recent trip to the city. Michael and I were leisurely strolling down Lexington Avenue when we found a little shop called Tea and Honey. We both love tea, so we wandered inside. I also love collecting teapots, it took all my self control not to buy one there. But I did get this pretty can of green tea!

Matcha is a beautiful, rich powder. It's finely-milled green tea. Wikipedia says it can take up to an hour to grind 30 grams of this stuff. It has a sweet flavor and is loaded with antioxidants. I love it dissolved in hot milk to make a delicious tea drink. Michael thinks it tastes like "pond scum" ...

I printed out the recipe and started mixing all the ingredients. There is something so relaxing and fun about making a cake from scratch. I love sifting flour, beating eggs into sugar, and zesting lemons. When I made this, the whole kitchen smelled the fresh, clean scent of lemons. And the green tea batter was ridiculous.

To create the marble effect, you have to layer the different batters, starting and ending with lemon batter. Then use a butter knife to lightly swirl them together.

The cake has 6 eggs, so it's very dense and rich. But so yummy! If you're feeling adventurous, make this cake!!

To get the recipe, click here. Props to Joy for this awesome pound cake. Everyone loved it!


  1. I can't imagine anything tasting good with green tea in it. Lord, I hate green tea! I would, however, be willing to try it since you make it :)

  2. As much as I can't stand the "pond scum" drink, I LOVE hot green tea with lemon- I stock it at work, and have 2-3 cups daily. And this cake? Insane. Loved it.

  3. This pound cake was so so good...had a hard time staying out of it and was glad you took the few remaining pieces to Sarah & Steve's!!!

  4. This cake is SOOO good. Especially with a cup of coffee in the morning.

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