October 15, 2010

full time job #2

When I first moved back to Delaware in March of 2010, I worked part time for a real estate office at the beach. It required working around a lot of people and working a lot of weekends. Not my favorite. It was really nice to work 3 or 4 days a week though, especially after my hectic move home. It gave me a few fun summer months just to get myself back together, back on schedule, and used to living with my parents again. A couple months later, Ashley got me a job working in the customer service department of a plastic injection molding facility. We make stuff! It's pretty cool.

You know that smell when a tupperware lid hits the coils on the bottom of your dishwasher? That horrible, melted plastic smell? Sometimes I walk into work and wonder who put tupperware in the dishwasher. Then I remember I work at a plastic manufacturing company.

Is it as exciting and fast paced as real estate? No. It is a lot of paperwork?

Yes. I have to know stuff like what high density polyethylene is. And what a 1+1+1+1 cavity family mold is. And I have to staple tons of paper, remove tons of staples, crunch a ton of numbers, answer a ton of emails and still sound happy on the phone.

There are things I like about my job. I love my desk and my sweet computer monitors. I am always using the smaller one to move something over so I can reference it easily.

I also love the picture frames I have. Notice this frame doesn't match the first picture of my desk... fail. I took that picture awhile ago, and all the rest are new. The picture of all the girls faces in the back, are some of the best people you'll ever meet.

Oh and cool side note, we made that cup that my pens are in! Yep. Just one of the many many plastic parts we mold. Restaurants and hotels buy those cups by the case.

I also love my post-it note wall. I had so many post-its that were unorganized all around my desk, so I purposed one whole wall behind my desk to put them neatly. They are all important reminders. Especially the smiley face, which is a note from Ashley.

Michael and I dream about starting our own photography business. That topic deserves it's own post... But really, we do. The idea of getting up every day to do something we both love, is incredible. Plus we would get to be together all the time.

When work gets to be too much, I look at this picture I have of us framed on my desk. It's a reminder of a lot of things. This picture was taken during a fun weekend trip to New York City. We were there visiting friends, going to a really awesome co-workers wedding, and witnessing the engagement of my best friend Lauren. We "left" Lauren's house that Sunday morning, pretending to go home... but we really went to the city to be there for her engagement, which was later that day. We had about 6 hours to kill, so Michael and I went on a boat tour around Manhattan. It left from West 37th Street and went South down the Hudson, around Manhattan, up the East River and back. We got to go under the Brooklyn Bridge and around the Statue of Liberty. I had never actually seen the Statue of Liberty up close until that day, even after living in the city for 5 years. It was so touristy and awesome.

The weather during the boat ride was cool and crisp. We settled into a bench right by the railing, close enough to prop our feet up and feel some mist on our faces from the water. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. I loved snuggling up to M and sharing my city with him.

I look at this picture often, and smile when I remember the great time we had together and all the things we celebrated that weekend.


  1. I love the post-it note wall that you have! That is SUCH a Jenna thing to do. I love it. I love you.

    What a fun weekend that was, the boat tour was awesome! Not to mention the engagement celebration and Scott's wedding. Great times :)

  2. I love all the beautiful pictures you post.