December 2, 2010

i love december

December is my favorite month of the year. There are many reasons why, including the fact that my birthday is in December. Also the birth of Jesus and my favorite holiday ever - CHRISTMAS.

There is something magical about this time of year. Cliche but true. People tend to be more sentimental, less selfish. There is a strong desire to stay home and cozy up with your loved ones indoors. Everyone loves to bake and share. Most people are more giving. It's wonderful.

Plus my birthday is in 6 days so that's pretty sweet.

I get really excited when the weather starts to get chilly. That means I finally get to wear my always growing collection of scarves. I can wear sweaters and drink hot beverages outside. I also love the way it smells, that cool crisp air - nothing like it.

I started listening to Christmas music at work, like weeks ago. Yesterday one of my co-workers handed me a huge box of super old Christmas decorations. Love.

It was all cheap, plastic garland and old velvet bows. Bring it on.

I happily blared my carols and decorated the best I could.

PS- How awesome is the yellow 80's kitchen we have?

Atlantis was once a woman-only run company, hence the motivational poster on the wall. My office is right in the open doorway to the right of the poster. It does it's job.

The bright colors definitely bring cheer to my very gray office.

I like gray though. I have always wanted to name my son Grey. Except my boyfriends last name is Beard. I think kids would make fun of a boy named Grey Beard, don't you?

Look forward to more awesome Christmas themed posts this month. I can't help myself.

More to look forward to:

 I will be writing about how to make these lovely scrap fabric wreaths. You need one in your life.

I'm making my own Christmas cards this year with my ridiculous holiday stamp collection. I know you will all be waiting on the edge of your seats to read about this project.

Also the big reveal of my Mom's super top secret, awesome, wonderful, best-ever biscotti recipe... the most delicious thing you will ever taste. Ever.

I am very passionate about my Mom's biscotti. (Sarah understands.)

The big reveal of Lauren and Evan's engagement pictures. Finally! Michael and I also have a few more photo shoots lined up for December, including taking pictures of the adorable red head in my previous post.

Find out what I picked to make for my birthday cake this year.

Find out what Michael gets me for my birthday. (It better be good, M...)

More Christmas cookie recipes than my belly can handle.

Plus Christmas Eve dinner recipes. Fudge. Cookies. More cookies. You know.

I will probably write more about scarves and sweaters. And how much God loves us.

The whole time I will be praying for snow.

Oh the joys of December.


  1. December is one seriously awesome month. Any special/fun birthday plans??

    You did a great job with your office! I can feel the festivity from here. It's palpable.

  2. December is the best time of the year. Looks like you have set the Christmas mood. Look forward to reading the next post.

  3. I love this post! I, as you know, love December too!! One of my favorite people in the whole world was born in December ;)

  4. You know how much I love Christmas. Wrapping presents, decorating and waiting for the first snowfall. I love snow :)