December 6, 2010

lauren and evan's engagement pictures

My dear, sweet, hard working (handsome, sexy, loving...) boyfriend spent hours editing photos this weekend. He is very particular about his working conditions when it comes to editing photos. I know all of you have spent time editing a photo, then had it developed to find that the print looks completely different than what you saw on the screen.

Well, that won't happen to Michael Beard Photography anymore! My love invested in a sweet photo editing monitor. I don't understand it the way Michael does. I know that it is big, it has a matte finish, and no matter where you are in the room the image looks the same... which is a lot different than a normal monitor. He also has "color calibrating software" that he uses to be SURE that the image on the monitor is exactly the same as the digital image. It's all very technical.

That's what makes our little photography business so beautiful. My self-given title as the "Creative Director" allows me to pose our models, figure out the setting, make sure little cutesy moments are happening, make sure they feel comfortable in front of the camera, do some hands-on arranging of stray hairs and hands... That is where I shine. Michael knows the ins and outs of his equipment and he shines in post-processing.

I know you all have been anxiously awaiting these photos! I have too. Michael's patience is infuriating. But I love him.

I want to share some of my favorites from our shoot in Central Park.

Her ring! Good job, Ev.

By the way. I was totally there when he gave it to her. Well, it was a couple minutes later... but still.

I love what Michael did with the color here, and their faces are too cute for words.

This one has been a favorite from the beginning. There was a little stone bridge over a small stream. I remember saying to Evan, "Is there a place where you can sit on the stones? Is that comfortable??"

Good thing he found a spot. I probably would have asked him to sit there anyway, just to get this shot. I love how leaves are dusting the ground, and the rock on the right frames the whole photo.

This one is so sweet. I love that Michael zoomed in on Evan's arms around her.


He was holding her for SO long. It was hysterical. But this shot was worth it! I love the tree in the background.

Perfection with a yellow antique tint. Go, Michael.

This one is so cute!

Haha! So classic Evan and Lauren. I love her laugh.

I adore this one. I love the way she is looking at him.

I don't think Evan saw the vision in this pose. But I knew it would be cute.

The stones on the ground were interesting and perfect for this shot. I love the traffic lights in the background.

This one needs to be framed, put in a magazine, blow up and made into a poster... Just kidding. But really. I love it.

Thank you guys for being such great sports!

Michael and I learned so much from this shoot, I don't even think I could write it in a couple sentences. It was such a huge learning experience for us. We are very grateful.

Lauren and Evan, you two are so in love. It's adorable.

I obviously can't wait for the wedding. I'm excited to be a bridesmaid of course!! But I'm also thrilled to see you too vow to be with each other for the rest of your lives. It's a beautiful thing.


  1. Love, love, love all around! You guys are great! Thanks for all your hard work :)

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (That was my first thought upon seeing the pictures.)


    (And my last. They're amazing. Yay Evan and Lauren!)

  3. What great pictures!! Congratulations on your engagement Lauren and Evan.

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