October 14, 2010

how it started

I never thought I would be one of those people. You know the blogger type. I blame this blog on her for making her website so freaking addictive and beautiful. I thought about it over a couple weeks and decided I wanted to start one. I love love love taking pictures of pretty much everything around me. I figured this would be an excellent way to organize and document them - plus it gives me the opportunity to tell the story behind the pictures.

The next few posts will be introductions to various people and places, so you understand the characters in this story. Of course whoever is reading thi
s probably knows all this already...

This is a view of Lewes Beach, Delaware. The first state, suckas. I grew up here. My life from 0 to 17 took place where you can breathe in fresh, salty sea air anytime you want to. You can drive down the road and not pass a single car for miles. There is always parking. Some people don't lock their front doors at night. There is no sales tax anywhere in the state. I went to school with the same group of people until I graduated high school. You understand - it's safe and quiet and peaceful. But I wanted more than anything to get out.

So I did! I moved here - to New York City. I went to college in the Empire State Building. It's true. I majored in business management and took classes like Operations Management and Corporate Finance. I lived in midtown for like the most epic 4 years ever. I met the best friends I've ever had. I experienced everything the city has to offer and t
hen some. It was beyond awesome. Then... I graduated. I decided I was not ready for the quiet yet, so I moved again.

I took a job in Hoboken, New Jersey. Right across the Husdon River and as close as I could get to the city without actually being in it. My drive to work was along River Road, which winded it's way beside the Hudson... so I could see the city skyline every morning and every evening. My job was great, especially for my first job out of college. I experienced 9 to 5 for the first time. I lived in a third floor walk-up, a cute 2-bedroom apartment with my awesome roommate. My favorite memory there involves having 2 feet of snow dump all over North Jersey and being snowed in with her for days. We made a snowman which was destroyed within minutes by a plow. That state is good at plowing snow off the roads. Delaware has like 4 plows for the whole state.

My 5 years in the city was incredible. To say I learned a lot is a severe understatement. I will always be sincerely thankful that I had those experiences. But when the traffic and the crowds finally got to me, I started to miss the quiet. And my family. Then Michael happened.


  1. I loved all my visits to New York City to see you. What great memories I will always have of those visits. BUT, I'm so happy that you have decided to settle down and live closer to us.

  2. I missed you so much those five years...I am glad you are home...and I am glad that Michael happened. My two girls, settled near me so I can enjoy them and their families...what more could a mother want?

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