January 11, 2012

our kitchen - 5 months later

Michael and I bought our home about 5 months ago now. It's hard to believe how far we've come with fixing it up in that amount of time. We have spent almost every weekend working, many long nights, so much work... our literal blood, sweat and tears.

We've gutted rooms, ripped up carpeting, refinished hardwood floors, put up drywall, painted and painted some more, installed new cabinets, bought appliances, laid tile, put up trim, and cleaned until our fingers were raw.

But now we have this beautiful kitchen. It makes me so happy, I can't even tell you. Here is a progress picture I put together:

And here are the pictures larger so you can see:

And the (mostly) finished product....

There it is in all its glory. We are so proud of our fresh, modern, clean, white, blue and gray kitchen. It's perfect for us.

I baked for the very first time in our new home on Monday night. So what did I decide to bake for the celebratory occasion? My low-fat chocolate chip banana muffins that I'm totally obsessed with. It was also the first real snowfall of the year. So while the snow was falling slowly outside, I was in our home baking something I love... for people I love. It's what I've always wanted.


  1. Aww--it looks amazing! So special. :)

  2. AWW YAY!!! And in ONE WEEK and TWO DAYS you will be living and sleeping there!!!

  3. such a beautiful feeling... cant wait for my own kitchen..

  4. Yay for house updates. The kitchen turned out perfectly! What a great job you guys did...you should feel so proud of yourselves!!!

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