July 15, 2011

bridesmaid dresses and invitations

Wedding plans are coming along nicely! We've got so much done already - venue, menu, dj, photographer, honeymoon, my wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, invitations, pastor... we are even starting pre-marriage counseling in August. I can't believe we are getting married in 6 months!

I've had so much fun planning this wedding. I can't even begin to explain how great the whole experience has been. It hasn't been stressful at all, mostly because I haven't let myself get upset about anything. I knew in the beginning that I only get married once, and I wanted to have fun planning it to be exactly what Michael and I want for our special day.

Our winter themed wedding is going to be so beautiful. I have visions of white flowers, fresh evergreens like cedar and pine, and pictures of winter scenes around the room.

Here is the bridesmaids dress I picked out, and my 6 wonderful bridesmaids have ordered their dresses already. I liked this one because it's long (which will keep them warm in January), it has straps (not everyone likes strapless dresses), and it's fitted in the waist then flares out (which I think will be so flattering).
My colors are black, white and dark grey... with some fresh Christmas greenery.

Michael and I picked these invitations and ordered them this week. I love the peaceful, snowy forest in the background.

A few more checks off the list! Next up: registering for gifts (yay!) and our pre-marriage counseling sessions with our pastor and his wife.

Romantic side note: Michael sent me a text message this morning that said, "I can't wait to hug you every morning." I feel the same way, boo. 191 days.


  1. So exciting, Jenna!!! I wish I got to plan a wedding this year (and get married!). Love your bridesmaid dress choices...totally beautiful. And like you said, I think it will be flattering on all body types. I can't wait to see pictures from the big day...it sounds like it's going to be such a gorgeous affair :)

  2. So precious! :) And very exciting, Jenner!

  3. awwwwwww that is the sweetest text EVER!!! ahhh wedding planning is so exciting!

  4. Love your choice in bridesmaids dresses! So pretty! And, your future husband sounds like a keeper ;)

  5. I LOVE the bridesmaid dress! I might have to go buy it for myself to just wear around the house/wedding crash. :)

  6. Enjoy every moment of planning. I totally wish I could get married again just to go through the process. I had some much fun! I love your dresses!

  7. Oh my that dress is GORGEOUS. The bridesmaids are going to look fabulous!

  8. Those dresses are gorgeous. You are so nice for being considerate of what they'd want to wear. I'm glad the process is coming along well and there's no stress.