May 23, 2011

honeymoon - reservation under "mr. and mrs."

With all the wedding planning going on, Michael and I were really looking forward to booking our honeymoon. It's been so much fun to look around online and read travel magazines to plan our first vacation together. We don't live together and we have never traveled together for more than a weekend . So this whole honeymoon thing means we get to fall asleep in the same bed and wake up in the same bed.

Our first thought was Jamaica. We definitely wanted the Caribbean. Something warm, tropical and total honeymoon cliche.

Then we started thinking about airports, checking luggage, long travel hours and complicated taxi rides in a foreign country. We know we will be so tired after our wedding, and honestly we just want to go relax somewhere close by!

A few weeks later, I was reading a travel magazine at work (it's okay, I work in tourism) and saw an article on "Romantic Getaways". There was a review on this hotel and I knew it was the one. It's a total winter wonderland hidden in the mountains in Western Maryland, to match our winter-themed wedding in January.

I read, "This bed-and-breakfast's Arts and Crafts-style decor, wraparound porch with rockers and lakeside views are enough to relax the most tightly wound person. There's plenty at the Inn to keep you busy if you feel like staying put. The staff continually restocks the homemade chocolate chip cookie tray and fruit bowl and light hors d'oeuvres are served in the evening. A log-burning fire is lit in the living room; spiced cider is served, too."

Fireplaces? Relaxation? Lakeside views? Chocolate chip cookies? Spiced cider? Take me there now.

We read some reviews on Trip Advisor too. I love Trip Advisor. Do you guys use it as much as I do? I totally trust all those strangers opinions.

Most people said it was the best bed and breakfast type hotel they've ever stayed in - and have been back numerous times over the years, some 4 and 5 times a year! They said the complimentary "gourmet" breakfasts are amazing, and there are snacks and drinks available for free all day. At night, you can roast marshmallows around a fire and chat with the other guests at the Inn. It's situated right on the lake with beautiful views and fresh mountain air.

My favorite part is that there are only 10 rooms. All the hotels in Jamaica we looked at had like 400 or 500 rooms. We wanted total peace and quiet.

All of the rooms at the Inn have gas fireplaces and beautiful views. But you get to pick which room you want based on the photos.

We chose this room. Can you guess why?

Hello beautiful snowy mountain view and jacuzzi tub right next to the fireplace.

We can snuggle up by the fire in the bed, those comfy chairs or the bathtub. There is also a steam shower and 100% Egyptian cotton sheets. Romantic much?

We are getting a hot stone couples massage while we are there. 80 minutes of happiness. Doesn't that woman look blissful? That will be me in like 250 days.

There are some fun things to do close by. The Inn is right across the street from a beautiful ski resort where we can buy day passes to go snow tubing and ice skating. We can also rent snow mobiles and ride a "mountain coaster" that winds it's way down the snowy mountain through the forest. We can even go on horse-drawn sleigh rides.

I know the drive up there will be so beautiful, and it's only a 4 hour drive from where we are getting married.

Everything about it is perfect and we couldn't be more excited. It's all booked, done and paid for with a reservation under Mr. and Mrs. Beard... so crazy!

I know Michael is happy because he loves the mountains and he loves me - so he gets both at once. We both love snow and all the coziness it brings when you are inside cuddled up next to a fire. We will spend 5 happy days there. It's perfect to complete our winter wedding.

Article from The Pittsburgh Post Gazette and photos from Lake Pointe Inn.


  1. It looks so beautiful! What a wonderful place to stay. I think you're right, avoiding flying and all the stress that goes with that right after a wedding is a perfect idea.

  2. I kind of wish I lived closer to that place just so I could visit it! It looks amazing!!!! We honeymooned in Fiji. While it was awesome, you make a great point about the airports and stress of travel. It was *hectic* to say the least!

  3. Wow, that place looks gorgeous...I'd totally take a cozy, snowy getaway to a tropical one any day! Congrats on getting another wedding task outta the way ;)

  4. It's like you just stepped inside an episode of "Gilmore Girls"!
    This. Looks. Fantastic. Congrats!!

  5. Paula, Fiji sounds WONDERFUL! I bet you had a great time :)

    And Audra - it totally is like the Gilmore Girls! Didn't even realize that... but I'm okay with it.

  6. Girl, I am SO excited for you guys! This trip seems like it will fit your wants and needs so much more than a trip to the caribbean!

  7. Hii! omgshhh I loved this post!! aww makes me super excited for you! the bed and breakfast sounds amazing. I've never been in one, but I hear it's da bomb. :)