February 9, 2011

photos from williamsburg, virginia

I went to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia last November (2010) with my grandparents and my cousin, Devon. We stayed at the cutest house and had a great time.

Nana and Papa took my sister Ashley, Devon and I to Williamsburg almost every year when we were little. We have so many happy memories there.

I was looking back through some pictures and wanted to post ones I had looked over before, but now see how beautiful they are.

This tavern is a restaurant, and a darn good one. They make spoon bread that is to. die. for.

Devon told me before we went, "I don't want anything but spoon bread for dinner tonight. I want to eat spoon bread until it's coming out of my ears ... and then I want to eat some more."

Happy Wednesday, everyone! You're almost to the weekend. Love.


  1. i've never heard of spoon bread! blog about it some more please!!! :). hehe

  2. Ahhh Colonial Williamsburg how I miss you! John n I go there usually 3 times a year. I absolutely love it there! Have you ever tried Kings Arms? Well they have the best chx pot pie! I love, love spoon bread! In fact I love it so much I bought 2 packages last time I was there oh n sweet potato muffin mix! Yummo! Maybe I should bring a package of spoon bread over n we'll make it. I put lots of sugar on mine n yes that's all you will want to eat! I eat the spoon bread, ask for seconds n pick at my food then, get a to go box for my entree!

  3. I've been reading your blog from the beginning but haven't posted a comment yet so i thought it was time :) I love your photos and how you weave your life into your posts!

    I went to Williamsburg when i was little too but haven't been back...I was thinking it'd be a good place to take my boyfriend for a trip together :) It looks so beautiful.

  4. intrigued to know what spoon bread means but either way hopefully you are having a relaxing and stress-free travel/trip! its soon friday which is good for me = sleep! :D ellen

  5. Yummy...I love spoon bread! My parents have taken my brother and I to Williamsburg countless times. We always had so much fun! :)

  6. It always warms my heart when you post about Williamsburg. Papa and I often daydream about our wonderful trips there with the three of you. What precious memories we have:)

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