November 15, 2010

nostalgia in williamsburg, virginia

When my sister, cousin and I were little girls, we used to visit Colonial Williamsburg with my grandparents. It was always wonderful to spend time together. We got to experience carriage rides through the little town, where I once exclaimed to the embarrassment of my family, "That horse is dumping a load!"

We experienced fancy dinners at the Williamsburg Inn where I learned that you do not drink the tiny bowl of warm water with rose petals that the server puts on your plate at the end of the meal. That is for your hands!

Going there is seriously like going back in time, in many ways. Of course the obvious. The buildings have all been meticulously renovated to look like they did in the 1700's. The floorboards still creak and the woodwork looks original. In the evening, taverns are lit outside with a pile of burning cedar and you dine by the soft glow of candlelight.

The real reason I enjoy going back to Williamsburg so much, is to experience the memories I have of being a silly, carefree little girl. I tried to find a picture of myself in Williamsburg when I was 7, in huge glasses and purple overalls with my chubby little belly to put here... but I couldn't find the right one in time. I know you are disappointed, so I will share this equally embarrassing picture:

Being in the stocks sucks. Just so you know. It's so uncomfortable and we could hardly lift our heads and my knees were hurting after like 30 seconds. But we saw this and had to have this picture. Of course.

Nana and Papa asked my cousin Devon and I to stay there for the weekend. Of course we happily agreed and looked forward to it for weeks. The car ride there was full of excitement and when we arrived to see the cute little house we would be staying in all weekend, I knew we were going to have an amazing time.

You can rent colonial houses to stay in. They are wonderful. My next post will be a tour of the house so you can see how charming it was. In love.

Saturday morning, we had breakfast at the Inn down the street. It was lovely.

Later that day, we enjoyed a small lunch from the local bake shop.They sell the BEST brewed ginger ale in glass bottles. I bought a whole 6-pack to bring home to share with Michael.

That afternoon, we slowly walked up and down the main street, enjoying the beautiful fall trees and classic Williamsburg sites.

I love how this sign says, good rooms for ladies and gentlemen.

Horses and carriages replaced cars that weekend.

At night, we would all sit in front of the fireplace in our cute little house and occasionally hear horses hooves go by. Horses hooves clopping down the street. Can you believe it?

Hooves. That's such a funny word. Hooooooves.

The trees were incredible. Unbelievable.

I so enjoyed spending time with Devon that weekend. We have always been so close and we rarely get to spend quality time together anymore. We both have the same ridiculous sense of humor. We spent Saturday night playing Mad Libs in our room and almost peeing our pants from laughing so hard at the funny phrases we came up with:

The third little pig was drunk and he built his house out of brass balls.

I am bringing in the electrifying small child that my mom uses in her kitchen to make my pig hooves for breakfast.

For punishment, Napoleon cut off their breasts and set fire to their arm pits.

I'm surprised we didn't wake up the whole neighborhood.

I have some more pictures to share. I will write about those tomorrow.

It was a wonderful weekend. I only opened my computer once, and that was just to check the results of the Delaware football game for Nana. I loved being with my family and reminiscing about past times we shared in that precious little town.

I loved the peace and quiet.

Nana and Papa, I know you are reading this. Thank you so much for a relaxing weekend. You are the best grandparents this purple-overall-wearing girl could ask for.


  1. SUCH beautiful pictures, Jenna! I wish I was there enjoying the gorgeous Fall leaves.

  2. Ahhh the trees were so beautiful. I need to go there in the fall next time. We went this summer.

  3. Hey Jen, Don't forget Chownings Tavern:) The older you and we get these times become more special.

  4. Oh my goodness, Jenna. The tears were streaming down my face when I read this blog. A flood of wonderful, beautiful memories were running through my mind as I recalled all our trips to Williamsburg over the years. Thanks for helping us create these special times with you.

  5. Jenna, this trip looks like so much fun! The trees are just gorgeous and I love the historical town...very special!

  6. Honey, it looks you had so much fun :) The pictures are awesome!

    I can't wait to go with you. I want to hear hoooooooves.