November 3, 2010

monster cupcakes

This past weekend on Halloween night, I wasn't out boozing. I wasn't doing anything mischievous. I didn't dress up. Instead, I decorated cupcakes and roasted hot dogs over a fire and laughed at "that's what she said" jokes until I cried.

Marty and Jessica invited us over to their awesome house for a bonfire. The boys went back in the woods to start the fire and other manly things... while Jessica, Ashley and I decorated little monster cupcakes.

We gathered together all our supplies: m&m's, marshmallows, jelly beans, icing, sprinkles, hershey kisses...

I baked devil's food cupcakes and a huge batch of cream cheese frosting, which we dyed and turned into beautiful colors.

The 3 of us sat down for awhile and had the best time decorating the cupcakes. And giggling. And telling stories. And more laughing.

Ashley was convinced that she was the least creative of the bunch. Until she came up with this beauty. Notice how it doesn't have a nose or a mouth. It's enough to give you nightmares.

Jessica was a pro at making cyclops cupcakes. What's cuter than a cyclops monster? Unless you are Odysseus... That was such a nerdy joke, I should probably erase it.

After the cupcake decorating, we ventured out to the woods to join the boys, who had arranged lawn chairs around the bonfire. We all sat down together, talking and laughing. I had my very first hot dog cooked over a fire. We put a huge can of beans ON the flames, until it boiled violently and scared us all to death.

But it wasn't as scary as Ashley's bloody monster cupcake, with 3 eyes and a stitched mouth. I'm sure you see it there on the bottom. She makes the best/most graphic monster cupcakes I've ever seen.

Then we went back inside and got to eat the cupcakes. YUM.

Then we watched an episode of the Office. Because that's just what we do. And I like it.


  1. LOVE the cupcakes. I couldn't make one look that cute if my life depended on it. You guys are very creative!!!!

  2. Wonderful job! These are so cute.

  3. I have no idea where the bloody thing came from. You guys must bring out the artist/emo in me.

  4. What a fun night!! These pictures are totally awesome honey, good job :)

    Oh, and the cupcakes were DELICIOUS.

  5. These are incredible. It looks straight out of a magazine...but I'm sure they tasted better than a magazine.

  6. Your Halloween cupcakes look absolutely fantastic!

  7. You girls are quite creative with your cupcake decorating. Hot dogs over an outdoor fire, what a fun night!