October 19, 2010

today at work, i ... had to re-do everything

Today at work, I was very busy re-doing a bunch of stuff that had already been done. For the last month or so, I've been working on this giant project that had to do with updating our data entry/inventory management system.

We make hundreds of plastic parts. Hundreds. Every single part has something called a Bill of Material and a routing. The Bill of Material basically keeps track of how much it costs in material and labor to make one part. A routing keeps track of how many parts are made per hour. All the routings for all the parts we make were wrong, so I had to figure out what the routings actually were, and enter them.

We are talking a ton of time here, people.

That is in the past. Today my desk looks like this because we realized now that all the routings are fixed, we still can't run diagnostics to see our costs because the orders that were already entered have old routings.

So I had to go back and re-enter every single open order we had. Which was a lot.

Everything I do at Atlantis needs to be noted, initialed and dated. So as I was going through and putting the new order numbers on everything, I was writing the same thing over and over.

I got smart and made labels. Win.

The confusing part was that after this was done, every single open order had 2 order numbers - the old and the new. I had to get all paperwork from the shipping department and write the new order numbers on them. See above.

It was really not the most fun day at work I've ever had. But towards the end of the day, Incubus came on my Pandora. And the song was, Dig. I love that song.

Remind me that we'll always have each other
when everything else is gone

Thank you for that encouraging message, Brandon Boyd.

Oh, and I also keep a stash of individually wrapped Dove Dark Chocolates in my desk. It is seriously the best chocolate ever. At 30 something calories a piece, I can eat as many of these as I want... at least in my head that's okay.

This day ended with hugs from my boyfriend.


  1. What a busy day! That sounds like a lot of work. Isn't it strange how a little chocolate can change our stress level? I feel that way about Peppermint Patties, yum.

  2. I keep a stash of dark chocolate dove in my drawer at work too! it really does help the work day, doesn't it? =)