October 26, 2010

an hour in easton

After our trip to Denton, Maryland, we stopped in Easton on the way home. I've heard that it's a cute little town, so we wanted to check it out.

We had high hopes of spending hours walking around, browsing in local shops and eating dinner in a chic cafe. Turns out pretty much everything was closed on Sunday. Awesome.

So we spent less than an hour there. But I did get some beautiful pictures.

I loved the brick buildings and the sharp contrast of the black lanterns.

It was so nice to see leaves in beautiful fall colors dusting the sidewalk. There are a lot of acorns in Maryland, apparently.

We did visit one antique store. I was so worried that Matt was going to break something. There were things like creepy old dolls and a huge stuffed bear.

But I really liked the old tiled floor and the vintage furniture. Plus another lantern. Must be the common theme in this blog. Now I wish I had taken more pictures of lanterns.

There were bright orange mums in a flower box outside.

And we finally found a cute coffee shop... that was closed...

I love this picture because I focused in on Michael, walking behind Matt and Tyler. I love how he is fixing his hat and smiling. Handsome.

I also love the story of what happened right before this picture was taken. The boys just had to go down that mysterious alley and see what they could find. Apparently they found a "goat temple" and an "acupuncture salon" with a skull and cross bones on the door. They were scared to death and dying of laughter when they came back out to the street.

Who knows if that is actually true. But I think they discovered a secret society hidden in the pretty streets of Easton.

Never a dull moment. I love it.