October 30, 2010

classy night out

Friday night is date night for Michael and I. Except it doesn't always work out every Friday night. Since last weekend was the camping trip and the weekend before was also busy, we haven't been on an official date in a few weeks. Michael is so good about making me feel special, so he asked me out to the movies yesterday afternoon. Dinner and a movie dates are the best.

So I got home from work and washed my hair, put on some make up, a cute outfit and my favorite bracelet. 

I ordered this bracelet from Etsy a few months ago. It is the creative design of Stephanie and I adore it. Her shop is called Savage Salvage because she takes antique pieces and creates interesting and beautiful jewelry. Those crystals in my bracelet came from a chandelier. Awesome.

So Michael picks me up and off we go on our date. The whole way to the restaurant he is talking/venting about work. I just sit back, listening and smiling. Enjoying being with him. Loving the fact that after almost a year, he still wants to take me on dates and make me feel special. I hold his hand, which was resting on my knee and we drive until the sun sets.

He let me pick where to go for dinner. So where did we go on our classy night out?

Famous Dave's BBQ. Why? Because sometimes a girl just needs barbecued pork and a huge glass of sweet tea.

And a nice meal with a man that makes you laugh and listens to you talk about your dreams.

And gets the check.

And then buys your movie ticket.

And then drives you home and kisses you at the door, watching to make sure you get inside safely. And then texts you right before you fall asleep to tell you that he loves you.

I love date nights.


  1. Jenna,.. your entries always put a big smile on my face! So glad you're so happy:) :)\

    -Jess B

  2. I love this :) I just want to see a picture of you in your cute outfit and makeup!

  3. Jenna, I'm so happy for you. Michael is a gem...does he have brothers?!