March 14, 2012

work trip to harrisburg

My husband's job at a metal fabrication company involves him designing and drawing a lot of parts to be produced out of sheet metal in the shop. He uses a certain software to make all this stuff. A few weeks ago, he was working on a project in bed while I was reading. Blueprints were spread all over our bed and I was secretly watching him make precise measurements, calculations and designs. He is so smart and talented at what he does. Can you tell I am very proud of him?

His boss decided to send him away for software training in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Aaaand here's the thing... I'm kind of a wimp. I hated the thought of sleeping in our house alone, and also being away from him. So I asked my boss if I could just go with him and work from my laptop in the hotel room while he was in training. He was totally fine with it, so a few days later we were off to Harrisburg!

This was my office for a few days. Not terrible.

And this was my view for those days... a messy, unmade bed. Nice, right?

Working from a hotel room is a little over rated. The good part: I stayed in my pajamas and kept the Food Network on in the background all day. Awesome. The bad part: I was lonely! I am used to working in a building with other people, and sitting in a pretty office with tons of windows.

Of course it was a work trip, so it wasn't necessarily supposed to be fun. Michael was at training from 8 to 5 and I was stuck in the hotel room working like crazy and counting the minutes until Michael came back so I could have some human interaction.

But after work, we had a ton of fun going out to eat at local restaurants and exploring downtown Harrisburg. We splurged a lot and had dessert after dinner every night.

My favorite meal of the trip was at Appalachian Brewing Company in Camp Hill. I had a grilled chicken sandwich on brioche, that was topped with melted brie cheese, fresh spinach, walnuts and sweet honey. It was so different (I've never had whole walnuts on a sandwich) but delicious!


We drove around downtown Harrisburg one night, and stopped at this beautiful spot to enjoy the view.

Then we stopped by the Pennsylvania State Capitol, which was incredible. I wish it had been open so we could see inside.

The last day of our trip was my day to adventure out of the hotel room and around Pennsylvania. My boss sent me with a few hundred of our Southern Delaware Visitors Guides to deliver to Visitors Centers in the Harrisburg area.

One stop was in the adorable town of Carlisle. It was really fun to meet people who are doing the same thing as me, but in a different state. We talked for awhile about visitation, group tours, itineraries and other things people in the tourism world talk about.

Michael and I got home around 9:00 last night, unpacked as fast as we could, took a shower and crawled into bed. I can't tell you how great it felt to be back in my own bed.

As fun as it is to go away (even just for a work trip), it's even better to come back home.


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