May 17, 2011

helper in the kitchen

One of my dear friends from college came to visit me this past weekend! He's been living in the city for awhile but moving back to California in a few weeks, so I asked if he could take the train down to Delaware to visit me before he moved to the other side of the country.

Chris is the most hysterical, outgoing person you will ever meet. I had a blast showing him around my town and going to the beach.

We went to my favorite coffee shop for breakfast, and ate it while sitting on a boat dock by the Canal in Lewes Beach.

We rode rides on the boardwalk. I can't remember the last time I rode the carousel. And I almost peed my pants laughing on the tea cups. Chris had no idea how violently they spin... it's actually kind of frightening.

We had a great day. It was so refreshing to enjoy being outside with such a wonderful friend.

Saturday night, he told me he wanted to bake with me in the kitchen and it had to be "very ambitious." So we decided on homemade cinnamon rolls.

After getting some things at the store (not this jar of pure lard)... we went home to bake!

It was fun having a helper! I would say, "Okay now add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar" and stand back and watch the baking happen before my eyes.

The cinnamon rolls turned out FANTASTIC. They were the best I've ever had, truly. But the recipe was so... involved. There are a lot of steps so it's best to make them when you have a whole afternoon to devote to deliciousness.

See? Totally worth it. Recipe coming soon!

It's so interesting when my college life in New York and my now settled-about-to-get-married life in Delaware connect somehow. I love it when my college friends come visit me at home... and I also love taking Michael up to the city to experience what my life was like there.

It's hard to imagine that I used to live in Manhattan. There are times when I miss it so much. But right now I'm sitting, staring out my window at all the lush green grass and trees around me. I get to enjoy lots of open spaces, beautiful beaches and fresh air. Plus there's my future husband... that's kind of great too.