December 13, 2010

taylor family photos

Michael and I took pictures last weekend for a close friend of mine, with her husband and their adorable daughter Summer. We went to a lovely coastal town close by for the shoot. The weather was freezing cold! But all the shots with coats and scarves is perfectly seasonal. I love all of them.

Remember when I said that we learned so many lessons from taking Lauren and Evan's engagement photos? We learned that it's a good idea to show up an hour or so before the shoot, to walk around the area. We did that this time, which gave me time to plan poses and Michael time to test the lighting.

I want to share some of my favorites from our day together.

The first thing I thought of was how cute it would be to put the 3 of them staggered down the brick stairs I found. That picture turned out so great.

We took advantage of a boat dock. I thought it would be cute to have them hang their legs over the edge.

Of course I was paranoid and thought Summer might be adventurous that day.

"She's not going to jump in the water is she???"

"No, Jenna. She knows better..."

"Oh okay... sure..."

Thank God I asked. I'm just saying, I was stressed. It made me feel better to know Mommy gave this pose the OK.

Michael captured a seagull flying by!

I adore the colors in this picture.

Then we moved on to a brick sidewalk with a dark black fence. We loved the contrast and got some great pictures there.

I wanted to get some pictures of just Sarah and Steve also. Who doesn't want cutesy pictures with their husbands?

Her hair looks fabulous. I love the way Steve is looking at her.

This is definitely one of my favorites from the shoot. The town was decorated for Christmas and I loved the wreaths on this particular store's windows. Michael desaturated some of the color also, which gives it a cool vintage look. It belongs in a magazine, M! Great job my love.

These next few photos may make you want to steal this child. I understand.

I've tried but they always ask for her back. And Sarah knows where I live.

I saw some tables and chairs on the sidewalk and thought it would be cute for Sarah and Steve to hold hands and look at each other with googly eyes.

However we did not notice the bright red Fire Department sign until post processing. Luckily, Michael was able to distract from it. What a pro.

I knew I wanted pictures of Summer gazing in this Toy Store window. I had no idea they would turn out to be some my favorites from the shoot.

She's all bundled. You can see the toys in the window. It's so Christmas-y and perfect.

Look at her face! Ugh. Too much.

After that, we went to the beach for literally 7 freezing cold minutes.

The pictures are worth it though. Such deep, rich colors.

That last one... oh my goodness. How cute is she with that grin and the red curls poking out from under her bright pink hat. Please, Summer. You couldn't possibly get any cuter.

We enjoyed this so much. It's been such a privilege to take pictures of people we love.

We are getting better too! There were more keepers in this batch from any shoot we've done so far. It's very exciting.

Sarah and Steve - you guys were incredible! I never heard one complaint about the freezing temperatures and crazy wind, even when I asked you to take your coats off for some of the pictures. You are a beautiful, loving family.


  1. These are gorgeous!! And what a stunning little cutie pie they have. oh my word. The red hair is just too much :)

  2. Thank you so much. We could not have asked for anything more! We love the pictures, and you, and Michael. Your amazing photographers and friends!!

  3. I MUST have copies of these pictures!!! My brother, his lovely wife, and that little imp of a niece is just so adorable!!! Please let me know how I can get copies!!!

    BTW, LOVE your blog!

  4. Such great shots! I especially love the last one. So cute!

  5. Michael, what gorgeous pictures!! Sarah and Steve make such a beautiful couple and that little Summer couldn't get any cuter :)