December 16, 2010

scrap fabric wreaths

It's snowing in Delaware! I love it. I can see it falling, swirling around and collecting on the ground outside my window.
The Christmas music on my Pandora is making my heart full with the joy of this season.

Sorry... that was really dramatic.

To celebrate this beautiful snowfall, I am going to show you how to make a festive, cute wreath! All you need are scraps of fabric, a wire coat hanger, pliers and ribbon.

A bunch of giggly girls got together at a dear friend of mine, Jessica's house for craft night. These girls are A+ housewives and had tons of fabric. I bought mine from Wal-mart an hour before the party.

Start by tearing or cutting the fabric into strips.

When you get a nice pile of strips, cut off the top of a wire coat hanger and bend it into a circle with your pliers.

It doesn't have to be perfect, as long as it's round, you are good!

Start tying all the fabric scraps around the wire. Rotate the ends of the ribbon, so the wreath looks more full. Don't be afraid to really push them together.

It was so interesting to see how different everyone's wreath looked! Some chose to use deep, rich colors to match the burgundy and gold colors in their homes. Jessica's was bright and cheery, just like her.

The wreath in the front is my sister's. It will be perfect for Spring.

And here is the one I made - Christmas colors of course. I love how festive and colorful it is. I hung it up in my bedroom. I can't wait to put it up in my house when Michael and I get married someday. That's a nice thought.

It's a fun girls night activity or something to do on your own to celebrate this wonderful season.


  1. I love your wreath!! I love this post! And thank you for saying such nice things :)

  2. Very cute wreath! I did something similar for my daughter's room. I made the same kind of fabric ring and attached it to the bottom of her lamp shades to coordinate with her turned out really cute!

  3. What fun to get together with friends and make things. I remember the fun I had with a group of friends when I lived in Wilmington, DE. We made all sorts of things. When we get together now we laugh and talk about some of the crazy things we tried to make.

  4. Love the wreaths! Such a creative and simple idea!

  5. lookslike fun i think ill try it

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