November 1, 2010

paper planes and sunflowers

We celebrated Mom's birthday this weekend. It was wonderful. Ashley made a yummy dinner and set a lovely table. This is a great dinner party tip - keep the color scheme natural, then add two bright colors like the antique blue dinner plates.

Of course adding a low vase of pretty sunflowers always works. 

Isn't she beautiful? I pray to the good Lord that I look like that when I am her age. I baked a cheesecake and the rest of the gang came over to wish Mom a happy birthday. She deserved every happy minute of it.

After the games were over, it turned into mass paper plane mania.

Michael and my cousin Andrew made insanely fast, super jet powered airplanes.

Anthony joined in on the fun.

Then Michael made a "glider" that he eventually got to fly under the dining room table, flip upside down, and land on top of the table. True story.

How cute is this picture? Here is my cousin Andrew's super deadly airplane, with proof that it had run into many things that night. Including the DVD player, Ashley's bookcase, and Nana's hair.

The paper plane graveyard.

What a fun evening we had. Whenever all get together the room is always full of laughter, funny stories and good food. I hope you had an amazing birthday, Mom. I love you so much.