November 4, 2010

fall flowers in a little mason jar

This idea isn't too revolutionary, but I just love the way it looks. I hope it gives you a little inspiration.


I love flowers. I hate when flowers die. Solution = fake flowers.

I went to my local craft store and found a TON of fall flowers on sale. Not even on sale. CLEARANCE. Win.

That means you can find beautiful, deep colors like yellow, orange, green and red to use in arrangements. I loved the way these looked, so I picked yellow. It's bright and cheery.


I picked up these beautiful yellow chrysanthemums for $2.50 and paid about $1.00 for the mason jar. I made this pretty little thing for $3.50! And it really brightens the room.


I started out unsure of the way I wanted it to look. I liked the green leaves, so I kept a few and arranged just a couple of the flowers in the jar. It didn't look quite right.


I ended up chopping off all of the leaves and flowers. Major flower surgery.

I arranged them to look like a ball and put them in the jar. I loved it! It is somewhat modern. If you wanted it to look more traditional and classic, I would suggest using fewer flowers, with leaves, in a more natural arrangement... like the way they would grow from the ground.


I love the yellow and the way the sunlight shines through. This little jar of chrysanthemums adds color and character to a little corner in my room. Try it!


  1. I laughed when you said to "chop off all the leaves". Only you could do that and it would still look pretty.

  2. It works for me ... I can see a couple of these on my desk at work !

  3. I have a sweet window sill at work I can multi color arrange . . . mind at work on the palette!

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