October 21, 2010

memories of an apartment

I lived in midtown Manhattan for the most epic 4 years of my life. Never will a day go by, that I don't thank God for the chance to get to go to college in New York. I made something of myself. I learned who I was. I met the greatest people. I had fun.

This was the view out of my bedroom window:

This is 12A9. I lived in this apartment during my senior year of college with Rachel, Ame and Lauren. The best people you'll ever meet. If the only reason I went to college was to meet them, it would be worth it.

This was our kitchen, and part of our living room. We spent all our time in here. I can't remember how many times our Southern gal, Rachel, would make the best chocolate chip cookies ever... and somehow we would fit 15 or so friends in our little living room to watch a movie.

This is the view from our apartment, which was on the 12th floor. It was pretty cool to look outside and see the tops of other buildings. Now I look at my living room window to a driveway and lots of grass. I'm not complaining - I love the quiet. I also love knowing my city is only a 3 1/2 hour drive away and waiting for me whenever I want to go back.

This was my desk, in the room I shared with Lauren. I spent many hours here writing papers, reading, studying. That is the one thing I don't miss about college...

So what do I miss about college? This:

These people and that couch:

Living with them:

Definitely this:

All of these people:

I was looking back through some of my old pictures and came across these. It does my heart good to remember the moments I shared with these awesome people, in that wonderful apartment. That place held us during the best and worst times that year.

When I look back on all my years in college, I think about Barton of course. OF COURSE. Barton and 12A9. And it makes me smile.


  1. I love you and these pictures and BARTON too...don't make me cry! It's so great that you're doing this! From here on out, I may or may not be a creepy blog stalker on here!

    *It's all right, cyber-world...I know Jenna...even was in 12A9 sometimes...*

    <3 Becky King

  2. I love this post! I remember all your apartments and all the wonderful friends you made. :)

  3. I miss them too!!! But, I love having you home once again!!! :)

  4. I have chills reading this, and I am near tears. Oh I wish we could go back!! LOVES.

  5. We went to the same college?... humph... didnt notice.

  6. Matt Lind? I think I know someone by that name... once in a different life maybe... I know my family destroyed the Lind clan years ago.

  7. What a great post! I remember your wonderful friends and my many visits to the city you loved. This brings back fantastic memories. Don't you wish we could hop the next train and go back?

  8. HAHAHAHA laughing so hard right now. 1) I miss Chris Bright so much, remember the UV light story??!?!? 2) Matt Lind..enough said 3) how come Lauren has a label and I don't?? 4) Nana, I will hop that train with you any day-know any cute conductors??

  9. haha! such fun times =) oh Jen, I miss you so much!!! and I miss L and Ames and 12A9 and everyone in these pics. and I'll still whip up a batch of cookies for you any old day. just say the word and I'll hop a plane and be there - oven mit an all. =) Loves you.