October 18, 2010

beach bike ride

Ashley, Anthony, Michael and I ventured out last Sunday afternoon for a beach bike ride. It was such a beautiful day - in the mid 60's with a warm breeze. We packed some water bottles and rode out around 2:00. We ended up not getting back to our cars until close to 5:00! My legs hated me for it, and my butt hates me today for it. But it was really fun to do something out of the ordinary and active.

I love these trails. They wind all through Lewes Beach. And by "wind" I mean, there are tons of hills that hurt the crap out of my thighs. Of course the boys are avid bikers and used to this kind of activity, notice how far ahead of us they were.

I love that smile. I told him he looks like a stud in those sunglasses. But of course I always think he looks like a stud.

There is an overlook along the path, where you can park your bike and go up these stairs and see the most beautiful view of the Atlantic.

See our bikes all the way down there by the picnic table? See how far we had to climb up? It was like a triple thigh workout that day. But the view - totally worth it.

I love any chance I can get to see the ocean. When I was in high school, I spent many nights taking a drive to the beach just to be with myself and God. There's something about staring at the ocean for awhile when you've got some problems on your mind. It starts to make you and your problems feel really small. After spending an hour squeezing sand between your fingers, breathing fresh clean air, and watching the waves rise and fall as they have for all time ... you can't help but walk away feeling calm.

It still makes me feel that way.

Look at those happy faces. Mom, I promise this was safe.

What did I do to deserve this guy? Seriously. I love how I fit perfectly under his arm.

What a perfect day we all had. Exhausting, but perfect.

After this 3 hour work out, Michael thought it was best to get us to get ice cream cones at Dairy Queen down the street. I knew I picked a good one.


  1. Such a beautiful day!!! The ocean is such therapy! I am glad you all had so much fun! The pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. I loved this one!! You know how much I love the beach,especially Lewes.

  3. I had such an awesome time with you my love :)

    It was the perfect day to ride bikes. Remember the swamp waters we rode through??

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